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I dont think I'll be able to enjoys anyone elses Earl Gray again. Very nice.

Robyn M.
Bergamot, bergamot....

A friend reccommendef this tea a year or so ago and we have been completely hooked on it ever since. The lovely subtle flavour of bergamot makes it so deliciously refreshing. Packaging a bit over the top, though.

Magdeline N.
Best Earl Grey on the Market

I bought this 2 weeks ago and i am very happy with the prompt delivery and flavour of the tea. Would happily purchase it again.

Jennine M.

Earl Grey is my favourite tea, I love the smell of the loose tea brewing. Loose tea is a little luxury I have every day. Thank you tea top!

Rebecca P.

Been to all the tea shops I could find and this is the best flavoured Earl Grey yet. Good value and tasty

Zorica C.
For Earl Grey lovers

This is the best Earl Grey available - does not taste too ‘flowery’ even when strongly brewed

Mark R.
Fresh and summer

I love this tea , I can enjoy the fragrance of it , whilst waiting for it to cool enough to drink it . When I do drink it , the taste is pure magic .

I LOVE this stuff

If I could only drink one type of tea for the rest of my life....this would be it!

Lachlan B.
Love the Semll

I love Earl Grey tea and have tried a few different varieties. This is the best one by far! The smell is amazing as is the taste. I will definitely be buying more.