English Breakfast Tea

Premium Dimbulla FBOP

12 reviews

100g Gift Tin
250g Bag

Premium quality loose leaf tea 100% pure Ceylon Tea All natural, no artificial colours flavours or pservetive Single origin, single estate tea


Tasting Notes
Full bodied and brisk
Leaf Style
Wiry well twisted leaf
Pure Ceylon Black tea
Sri Lanka
Ceylon Dimbulla
Brewing Instructions
2g for 200 ml of water. Steep for 3-5 minutes at 100° C.



Based on 12 reviews


This tea smells like your typical high-end breakfast tea from a tea bag, but tastes SO much better. I love that it is familiar but such a huge improvement over the usual. As with all TEA TOP TEA's, the freshness and quality makes all the difference. I enjoy this tea the most with a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar it really brings out the flavors.

Geraldine C.
English breakfast is to die for! Spectacular

An explosion of English flavour with ever sip. Would highly recommend to our fellow British tea patriotics. Marvellous

Rebecca D.
Finally a real English Breakfast Tea!

I am so glad that I tried this English Breakfast tea. Having lived in Australia for many years I have missed the lovely Breakfast teas of the UK. Finally, I have one that fulfils what I have been missing. Thanks so much for the wonderful quality of your Tea


Given a pack of loose leaf English Breakfast tea for my birthday. Converted overnight, this is our preferred brew now!

I liked the aroma and enjoyed drinking

I've never tried loose leaf English Breakfast tea before and I enjoyed it more than with a tea bag. It wasn't a flavor that was particularly new to me but it seemed fresher. I liked the aroma, especially before steeping

Lovely taste

The English breakfast tea is excellent, throughly recommend it. Don’t be put off by the name, you can drink this tea anytime!

Nathalie G.
My Favourite

Tea top’s English Breakfast has to be my favourite black to just ever since I found it. It’s a perfect tea to wake up with in the morning, or to relax in the afternoon.

John U.
No more "Gumboot" tea!

I've been sipping my way through this loose tea for a few weeks now and what a difference! Very fresh, tasty and really hit's the spot... never again will I buy "gumboot" tea from the supermarket!!!

Pleasantly Surprised

I love this tea! There is something in it that makes me choose it for my breakfast. Moderately smoky, sweetish, absolutely not tart and at the same time sturdy. I ordered it for the first time. I'm pleasantly surprised by the taste. In my understanding, "English breakfast" tea supposed to have a very strong taste. More traditional, probably. This tea is wonderful and not traditional. I'll definitely order more. Thank you!

Annette C.

Very good balance of flavours. Robust and pleasant. A very nice black tea that is suitable to drink any time of the day.

Julie B.
The perfect cup of tea

Now this is proper tea. One sip and your say “yeah.. proper tea” . Bliss

Simran S.
The start for my day

I go to this one for the first cup of my day. It’s the perfect way to start the day.